RWTH Aachen University

Aachen (Aix-La-Chapelle), the westernmost city in Germany, accommodates not only the Aachen Cathedral, designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence.

Study at the Elite University RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen University is the largest university of technology in Germany and the most important economic factor of the city. Every year, a large number of international students and scientists come to the university to benefit from its high-quality study programmes and excellent facilities, from which both are internationally recognized.

The proximity of Aachen to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg and its variety of cultural heritages has placed the University in a unique position for international collaboration with other educational and research institutions as well as with business and industry. The RWTH Aachen has a long history of close and wide-ranging cooperation with national and international industries and research centers and contributes effectively to the success and development of the German economy with an increasing extension of this role with regard to the European Union.


Interdisciplinary Teaching

Teaching and research are characterized by an international, innovative, and interdisciplinary approach and a close cooperation with industry. The main objectives of the RWTH education are to provide a solid knowledge of the basic scientific subjects with the ability to apply this knowledge to engineering problems, as well as a high level of expertise within the field of specialization and the ability to transfer scientific results into economic and technical application. In addition, the intensive interaction between all sciences in research and teaching is a direct response to the demands placed on future young professionals. Engineering professors usually have held leading positions in industry before they became faculty members, and other experts from industry teach special courses which enable students to benefit from their expertise and applied knowledge. In the educational system of RWTH Aachen University, professors, as well as chief engineers and scientific assistants are qualified to conduct lectures, exercises and practical sessions


Experience Internationality in the Heart of Europe

The “Border Triangle”, where the borders of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany meet, is only a few kilometers from the city center. The attraction of living in this area includes a colorful mix of languages and people as well as short travel distances to cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne or even Paris. On the city's doorsteps, the hilly Eifel landscape with its rivers, lakes and forests offers a picturesque countryside.

 There are currently around 37,000 enrolled students at the elite University RWTH Aachen, most of them in the field of engineering. Out of this number, more than 5,000 are international students, currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and PhD programmes. Our University cooperates with many universities and research centers throughout the world, such as University of California (Berkeley, USA), National University of Singapore (Singapore), Seoul National University (South Korea), Osaka University (Japan), Tsinghua University (Republic of China) and many more. Every year, a great number of international students and scientists visit RWTH Aachen University to study and research at an internationally renowned institution and to benefit from its high-quality study programmes and excellent facilities. In exchange, a large number of RWTH students get the opportunity to study or do research at one of our renowned sister universities.
Because so many international students have come to study at RWTH Aachen University, many international clubs and associations have been founded. There are also many organizations that have been formed by foreign students and researchers working in Aachen in order to welcome and assist new residents in town. Popular examples are AISA (the Association of Indian Students in Aachen) and VCWSA (Association of Chinese Scientists and Students in Aachen). International students can also easily get in touch with domestic students, for example through weekly events organized by INCAS (Intercultural Center of Aachen’s Students).


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